BERTić* [bert-ich] /bɜrtitʃ/ - A transformer language model for Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin and Serbian

* The name should resemble the facts (1) that the model was trained in Zagreb, Croatia, where diminutives ending in -ić (as in fotić, smajlić, hengić etc.) are very popular, and (2) that most surnames in the countries where these languages are spoken end in -ić (with diminutive etymology as well).

This is the smaller generator of the main discriminator model, useful if you want to continue pre-training the discriminator model.

If you use the model, please cite the following paper:

    title = "{BERT}i{\'c} - The Transformer Language Model for {B}osnian, {C}roatian, {M}ontenegrin and {S}erbian",
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Select AutoNLP in the “Train” menu to fine-tune this model automatically.

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