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Text classification model based on classla/bcms-bertic and fine-tuned on the FRENK dataset comprising of LGBT and migrant hatespeech. Only the Croatian subset of the data was used for fine-tuning and the dataset has been relabeled for binary classification (offensive or acceptable).

Fine-tuning hyperparameters

Fine-tuning was performed with simpletransformers. Beforehand a brief hyperparameter optimisation was performed and the presumed optimal hyperparameters are:

model_args = {
        "num_train_epochs": 12,
        "learning_rate": 1e-5,
        "train_batch_size": 74}


The same pipeline was run with two other transformer models and fasttext for comparison. Accuracy and macro F1 score were recorded for each of the 6 fine-tuning sessions and post festum analyzed.

model average accuracy average macro F1
bcms-bertic-frenk-hate 0.8313 0.8219
EMBEDDIA/crosloengual-bert 0.8054 0.796
xlm-roberta-base 0.7175 0.7049
fasttext 0.771 0.754

From recorded accuracies and macro F1 scores p-values were also calculated:

Comparison with crosloengual-bert:

test accuracy p-value macro F1 p-value
Wilcoxon 0.00781 0.00781
Mann Whithney 0.00108 0.00108
Student t-test 2.43e-10 1.27e-10

Comparison with xlm-roberta-base:

test accuracy p-value macro F1 p-value
Wilcoxon 0.00781 0.00781
Mann Whithney 0.00107 0.00108
Student t-test 4.83e-11 5.61e-11

Use examples

from simpletransformers.classification import ClassificationModel

model = ClassificationModel(
    "bert", "5roop/bcms-bertic-frenk-hate", use_cuda=True,


predictions, logit_output = model.predict(['Ne odbacujem da će RH primiti još migranata iz Afganistana, no neće biti novog vala',
                                           "Potpredsjednik Vlade i ministar branitelja Tomo Medved komentirao je Vladine planove za zakonsku zabranu pozdrava 'za dom spremni' "])
### Output:
### array([0, 0])


If you use the model, please cite the following paper on which the original model is based:

    title = "{BERT}i{\'c} - The Transformer Language Model for {B}osnian, {C}roatian, {M}ontenegrin and {S}erbian",
    author = "Ljube{\v{s}}i{\'c}, Nikola  and Lauc, Davor",
    booktitle = "Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Balto-Slavic Natural Language Processing",
    month = apr,
    year = "2021",
    address = "Kiyv, Ukraine",
    publisher = "Association for Computational Linguistics",
    url = "https://www.aclweb.org/anthology/2021.bsnlp-1.5",
    pages = "37--42",

and the dataset used for fine-tuning:

      title={The FRENK Datasets of Socially Unacceptable Discourse in Slovene and English}, 
      author={Nikola Ljubešić and Darja Fišer and Tomaž Erjavec},
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