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Text statistics including readability and formality.

Feature Description
Name en_statistics
Version 0.0.1
spaCy >=3.1.1,<3.2.0
Default Pipeline tok2vec, tagger, parser, attribute_ruler, lemmatizer, syllables, formality, readability
Components tok2vec, tagger, parser, senter, attribute_ruler, lemmatizer, syllables, formality, readability
Vectors 684830 keys, 20000 unique vectors (300 dimensions)
Sources OntoNotes 5 (Ralph Weischedel, Martha Palmer, Mitchell Marcus, Eduard Hovy, Sameer Pradhan, Lance Ramshaw, Nianwen Xue, Ann Taylor, Jeff Kaufman, Michelle Franchini, Mohammed El-Bachouti, Robert Belvin, Ann Houston)
ClearNLP Constituent-to-Dependency Conversion (Emory University)
WordNet 3.0 (Princeton University)
GloVe Common Crawl (Jeffrey Pennington, Richard Socher, and Christopher D. Manning)
License MIT
Author Chris Knowles

Label Scheme

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Component Labels
tagger $, '', ,, -LRB-, -RRB-, ., :, ADD, AFX, CC, CD, DT, EX, FW, HYPH, IN, JJ, JJR, JJS, LS, MD, NFP, NN, NNP, NNPS, NNS, PDT, POS, PRP, PRP$, RB, RBR, RBS, RP, SYM, TO, UH, VB, VBD, VBG, VBN, VBP, VBZ, WDT, WP, WP$, WRB, XX, ````
parser ROOT, acl, acomp, advcl, advmod, agent, amod, appos, attr, aux, auxpass, case, cc, ccomp, compound, conj, csubj, csubjpass, dative, dep, det, dobj, expl, intj, mark, meta, neg, nmod, npadvmod, nsubj, nsubjpass, nummod, oprd, parataxis, pcomp, pobj, poss, preconj, predet, prep, prt, punct, quantmod, relcl, xcomp
senter I, S
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