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Interacting with the Masakhane Benchmark Models

I created this demo for very easy interaction with the benchmark models on Masakhane which were trained with JoeyNMT(my forked version).

To access the space click here.

To include your language, all you need to do is:

  1. Create a folder in the format src-tgt/main for your language pair, if it does not exist.
  2. Inside the main folder put the following files:
    1. model checkpoint. Rename it to best.ckpt.
    2. config.yaml file. This is the JoeyNMT config file which loads the model an pre-processing parameters.
    3. src_vocab.txt file.
    4. trg_vocab.txt file.

The space currently supports these languages:

source language target language
English Swahili
English Afrikaans
English Arabic
English Urhobo
English Ẹ̀dó
Efik English
English Hausa
English Igbo
English Fon
English Twi
English Dendi
English Ẹ̀sán
English Isoko
English Kamba
English Luo
English Southern Ndebele
English Tshivenda
Shona English
Swahili English
Yoruba English


  1. Include more languages from the benchmark.
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