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🔥Declaration: I suggest illustrators and arts cannot be replaced by AI, although these models can accelerate design/drawing, the details, sprite-inside, visual-logics cannot be Datafication in Neural Networks.

Modill (Modern-Illustration) is a trained checkpoint to make attractive and creative illustrations/painting. I’am UI/UX designer, so I want to a model to generate some flat illustrations for both business and creative-design.

🔥Advantages: Modill is trained by 289 brilliant illustrations from different designers/illustrators. It can draw exaggerated-body characters and raster texture.

No strictly restrictions on style. The train data includes different styles, no-overfitting can generate more special outputs.

🔥Recommendations of parameters:

Sampler: DPM2 Karras, 20~40 steps. CFG Scale: 7-9. Resolutions: 512*512 Negatives: poorly lit, duplicated leg, no text, one shoe, multiple head, strange face , error head, missing hand, blur, stereopsis, sex, waterpoint *** Add some Style Lora models might generate great arts. ***

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