Understanding the NER Label #1

by dwisaji - opened

Hi I am a little it confused about the label in the NER. For example what kind of entity in "B-CRD or "B-DAT", is there any explanation about this? Thanks

Since I need to know the label meaning of it, there is no README.md in this model. If possible I will help it a little bit

Hi dwisaji,
Sorry just read your message. I think I fine this model with the nergrit dataset https://huggingface.co/datasets/id_nergrit_corpus
As explained there, here is the means of all tags/entities:
'CRD': Cardinal
'DAT': Date
'EVT': Event
'FAC': Facility
'GPE': Geopolitical Entity
'LAW': Law Entity (such as Undang-Undang)
'LOC': Location
'MON': Money
'NOR': Political Organization
'ORD': Ordinal
'ORG': Organization
'PER': Person
'PRC': Percent
'PRD': Product
'QTY': Quantity
'REG': Religion
'TIM': Time
'WOA': Work of Art
'LAN': Language

Hope, this help.