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Finance Sentiment DE (base)

Finance Sentiment DE (base) is a model based on bert-base-german-cased for analyzing sentiment of German financial news. It was trained on the translated version of Financial PhraseBank by Malo et al. (20014) for 10 epochs on single RTX3090 gpu.

The model will give you a three labels: positive, negative and neutral.

How to use

You can use this model directly with a pipeline for sentiment-analysis:

from transformers import pipeline

nlp = pipeline("sentiment-analysis", model="bardsai/finance-sentiment-de-base")
nlp("Der Nettoumsatz stieg um 30 % auf 36 Mio. EUR.")
[{'label': 'positive', 'score': 0.9987998807375955}]


Metric Value
f1 macro 0.955
precision macro 0.960
recall macro 0.950
accuracy 0.966
samples per second 135.2

(The performance was evaluated on RTX 3090 gpu)


  • 2023-09-18: Initial release

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