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Logo.Redmond V2


Logo.Redmond is here!

I'm grateful for the GPU time from Redmond.AI that allowed me to finish this LORA!

This is a LOGO LORA fine-tuned on SD XL 1.0.

The LORA has a high capacity to generate LOGOS images in a wide variety of themes. It's a versatile LORA.

I recommend gen in 1024x1024.

You can use detailed, minimalist, colorful, black and white as tag to control the results.

The tag for the model:LogoRedAF

LORA is not perfect and sometimes needs more than one gen to create good images. I recommend simple prompts.

I really hope you like the LORA and use it.

If you like the model and think it's worth it, you can make a donation to my Patreon or Ko-fi.

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