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Model description

ai-soco-c++-roberta-tiny-96 model fine-tuned on AI-SOCO task.

How to use

You can use the model directly after tokenizing the text using the provided tokenizer with the model files.

Limitations and bias

The model is limited to C++ programming language only.

Training data

The model initialized from ai-soco-c++-roberta-tiny-96 model and trained using AI-SOCO dataset to do text classification.

Training procedure

The model trained on Google Colab platform using V100 GPU for 10 epochs, 16 batch size, 512 max sequence length (sequences larger than 512 were truncated). Each continues 4 spaces were converted to a single tab character (\t) before tokenization.

Eval results

The model achieved 91.12%/91.02% accuracy on AI-SOCO task and ranked in the 7th place.

BibTeX entry and citation info

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