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Model Card: ruCLIP

Disclaimer: The code for using model you can found here.

Model Details

The ruCLIP model was developed by researchers at SberDevices and Sber AI based on origin OpenAI paper.

Model Type

The model uses a ViT-B/32 Transformer architecture (initialized from OpenAI checkpoint and freezed while training) as an image encoder and uses ruGPT3Small as a text encoder. These encoders are trained to maximize the similarity of (image, text) pairs via a contrastive loss.


Our habr post.


Code for using model you can obtain in our repo.

from clip.evaluate.utils import (
    get_text_batch, get_image_batch, get_tokenizer,
    show_test_images, load_weights_only
import torch

# Load model and tokenizer
model, args = load_weights_only("ViT-B/32-small")
model = model.cuda().float().eval()
tokenizer = get_tokenizer()
# Load test images and prepare for model
images, texts = show_test_images(args)
input_ids, attention_mask = get_text_batch(["Это " + desc for desc in texts], tokenizer, args)
img_input = get_image_batch(images, args.img_transform, args)
# Call model
with torch.no_grad():
    logits_per_image, logits_per_text = model(
        img_input={"x": img_input},
        text_input={"x": input_ids, "attention_mask": attention_mask}


We evaluate our model on CIFAR100 and CIFAR10 datasets.

zero-shot classification CIFAR100 top1 accuracy 0.4057; top5 accuracy 0.6975.

zero-shot classification CIFAR10 top1 accuracy 0.7803; top5 accuracy 0.9834.

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