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Kandinsky Video โ€” a new text-to-video generation model

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This repository is the official implementation of Kandinsky Video model

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Kandinsky Video is a text-to-video generation model, which is based on the FusionFrames architecture, consisting of two main stages: keyframe generation and interpolation. Our approach for temporal conditioning allows us to generate videos with high-quality appearance, smoothness and dynamics.


The encoded text prompt enters the U-Net keyframe generation model with temporal layers or blocks, and then the sampled latent keyframes are sent to the latent interpolation model in such a way as to predict three interpolation frames between two keyframes. A temporal MoVQ-GAN decoder is used to get the final video result.

Architecture details

  • Text encoder (Flan-UL2) - 8.6B
  • Latent Diffusion U-Net3D - 4.0B
  • MoVQ encoder/decoder - 256M

How to use

Check our jupyter notebooks with examples in ./examples folder

1. text2video

from video_kandinsky3 import get_T2V_pipeline

t2v_pipe = get_T2V_pipeline('cuda', fp16=True)

pfps = 'medium' # ['low', 'medium', 'high']
video = t2v_pipe(
    'a red car is drifting on the mountain road, close view, fast movement',
    width=640, height=384, fps=fps


"A car moving on the road from the sea to the mountains" "A red car drifting, 4k video" "Chemistry laboratory, chemical explosion, 4k" "Erupting volcano raw power, molten lava, and the forces of the Earth"
"Luminescent jellyfish swims underwater, neon, 4k" "Majestic waterfalls in a lush rainforest power, mist, and biodiversity" "White ghost flies through a night clearing, 4k" "Wildlife migration herds on the move, crossing landscapes in harmony"
"Majestic humpback whale breaching power, grace, and ocean spectacle" "Evoke the sense of wonder in a time-lapse journey through changing seasons" "Explore the fascinating world of underwater creatures in a visually stunning sequence" "Polar ice caps the pristine wilderness of the Arctic and Antarctic"
"Rolling waves on a sandy beach relaxation, rhythm, and coastal beauty" "Sloth in slow motion deliberate movements, relaxation, and arboreal life" "Time-lapse of a flower blooming growth, beauty, and the passage of time" "Craft a heartwarming narrative showcasing the bond between a human and their loyal pet companion"



If you use our work in your research, please cite our publication:

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