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Most of our great brilliant ideas happen in periods of relaxation, like taking a shower, however, once we leave the shower, we forget the brilliant idea. What if we do not forget, and collect your ideas in the shower?

What is the Shower Ideas concept?

This is an app that detects when someone is taking a shower (douche) and asks “do you have any idea?”, and the person will speak while taking the shower telling the idea. And also will ask questions after taking a shower.

Abstract about the model

This model was trained based on facebook/wav2vec2-base-960h (which is a pretrained model on 960 hours of Librispeech on 16kHz sampled speech audio.) in order to classify the audio input into shower or no_shower.


The SHD-2 dataset is a labeled collection of 2260 audio recordings of shower and no shower sounds.

The dataset consists of 6-second-long recordings organized into 2 classes (with 1130 examples per class).


In order to use the model in your Python script just copy the following code:

from transformers import pipeline

audio_input = 'example.wav'
classifier = pipeline("audio-classification", model="abdelhalim/Shower_Sound_Recognition")
labels = classifier(audio_input)
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