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This is a fine-tuning model based on stable diiffusion.The model is fine-tuned based on SD1.5.The model was fine-tuned with HCP-diffusion The model prompt is extremely accurate.


Many of today's SD models have a variety of problems.I want to make use of my limited ability to improve the current situation.So I used a lot of AI-generated images to refine this model





The V3.2++ version was created to replace the old Anything V3 version, and the YB model in the displayed image is Anything V3.2++.

Due to model performance issues, Anything V3.2++ has chosen other base models and is currently not very compatible with LoRA, which is based on NAI and its derivative models. Using it forcibly will result in poor quality images. If you want more accurate prompts or want to use more LoRA models, please use the V5-Prt version instead of the V3.2++ version.

If you are training a LoRA model using Anything, it is recommended to use the V5 version instead of the V3.2++ version, as the results obtained from training a LoRA model using V3.2++ will not work on most ckp models.




The "Anything" project originated from a joke among the authors of "元素法典". As the name of the first 1.5 volumes of "元素法典" is "万豑熔炉" , this name was used for the project. Anything v1.0 fused all the available anime-style models at the time, while Anything 2.1 and 3.0 selectively used certain models to prevent the generation of poor quality images.

At first, I didn't know about platforms like Huggingface or Civitai, so the models were only uploaded to Baidu Netdisk. One day, a friend in a QQ group asked me if the model mentioned in the news was made by me, and I found out that the model had been uploaded to various platforms and had gained considerable popularity. Later, after learning about Huggingface and Civitai, I uploaded the models to those platforms. However, I didn't know how to use Huggingface, so someone else uploaded the models for me.

AnythingV3, as one of the earliest anime fusion models, was hyped up by various marketing accounts and self-media platforms, and was even used for "patriotic marketing". Gradually, it became popular and was considered the "best model" at that time, which led to some people selling integration packages and deceiving novices using this model. (Of course, the author strongly opposed the model being blindly hyped up by marketing accounts and self-media platforms, and being used to deceive novices.)

Of course, Anything ink has nothing to do with the previous version of Anything, it is just taken out to replace the original version of these poor quality.


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