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Miqu DPO

Miqu DPO is the same model than Miqu, with a DPO trained on MiquMaid v2 on Alpaca format, it was done for the purpose to try to uncensor further Miqu and make Alpaca prompt more usable with base Miqu. Also, this will be one of the base for MiquMaid-v2-2x70B-DPO.

Miqu base is REALLY censored outside RP, this LoRA let him reply a little more thing, but that's it. To have his full potential, it need to be in a merge/MoE of MiquMaid, since the loRA was based for MiquMaid, not Miqu base. I still let it public for who want it.

It uncensor a little the model, but keep some warning. Sometime reply really unethically.


This repo contains GGUF files of Miqu-70B-DPO.

Dataset used

  • NobodyExistsOnTheInternet/ToxicDPOqa
  • Undi95/toxic-dpo-v0.1-NoWarning

Prompt format: Alpaca

### Instruction:

### Input:

### Response:

Or simple Mistral format (but the uncensoring was done on Alpaca, so Alpaca is recommanded).


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