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GLM is a General Language Model pretrained with an autoregressive blank-filling objective and can be finetuned on various natural language understanding and generation tasks.

Please refer to our paper for a detailed description of GLM:

GLM: General Language Model Pretraining with Autoregressive Blank Infilling (ACL 2022)

Zhengxiao Du*, Yujie Qian*, Xiao Liu, Ming Ding, Jiezhong Qiu, Zhilin Yang, Jie Tang (*: equal contribution)

Find more examples in our Github repo.

Model description

glm-2b is pretrained on the Pile dataset. It has 36 transformer layers, with hidden size 4096 and 64 attention heads in each layer. The model is pretrained with autoregressive blank filling objectives designed for natural language understanding, seq2seq, and language modeling. Find more details from our repo.

How to use

Please refer the instruction in our Github repo.

We use three different mask tokens for different tasks: [MASK] for short blank filling, [sMASK] for sentence filling, and [gMASK] for left to right generation. You can find examples about different masks from here. The prediction always begin with a special <|startofpiece|> token and ends with a <|endofpiece|> token.


Please cite our paper if you find this code useful for your research:

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