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model by ShadoWxShinigamI

It can be used by adding in the style of mdjrny-grfft to the end of your prompt. (Token is mdjrny-grfft, but since the weight is too strong (over trained text encoder), using the full sentence can help in better style transfer (YMMV)).


Trained On TheLastBen Repo Fast Method :- (https://colab.research.google.com/github/TheLastBen/fast-stable-diffusion/blob/main/fast-DreamBooth.ipynb).

And you can run your new concept via diffusers: Colab Notebook for Inference, Spaces with the Public Concepts loaded

Examples :-

Human :-

Eminem 00003-2418928363q_dnf1oe.png

Taylor Swift 00006-1609526883a7y2z1rp.png

Son Goku 00007-750395862e_qw4a4h.png

Dwayne Johnson tmpm8cf_ltr.png

Creatures :-

Dragon 00002-8473565vjc5p_ot.png

Alien 00002-888695236y1bjhs_5.png

Werewolf tmphkr692x3.png

Zombie tmp_gkrr5e7.png


Tiger 00003-3390670367o0ui3_w7.png

Lion 00001-2516664593_6wqp9fc.png

Eagle tmp3zgzfbyf.png

Butterfly ( I know it's neither an animal/bird ) tmplz_sdcpq.png

Objects - Semi Reliable ( Have to Cherry Pick. Usually 1 in 3 will be good )

Cyberpunk Car tmpvu64a9i4.png

Basket Ball tmp8vkgw4ic.png

Water Bottle tmpv84rc_ii.png

Airplane tmp28mv0vki.png

Try adding weights if your prompt doesn't work. All the best!!

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