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##MODEL BY ShadoWxShinigamI

Use Token - mdjrny-pprct at the beginning of your prompt

Training - 7000 steps, v1-5 Base, 56 images


Prompt :- mdjrny-pprct eagle

00000-308108073.png 00002-796273855.png 00003-796273856.png

Prompt :- mdjrny-pprct samurai warrior

00000-2576409651.png 00001-2576409652.png 00002-2576409653.png

Prompt :- mdjrny-pprct landscape

00002-1341213833.png 00003-1341213834.png

As you can see from the examples, a lot of prompt engineering is not required. Just a simple description of what you want generated after the token will suffice.

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