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This organization invites SIGGRAPH Asia 2022 Technical Paper authors to show off their research results on huggingface with a Gradio web demo. Join organization by clicking here.

Guide on adding an Gradio Demo to Hugging Face

  • If you have never used Gradio before, the Gradio course will explain the fundamentals.
  • The Gradio quickstart page is a good place to start as well.
  • The Gradio docs are here.
  • This guide covers how to host Gradio apps on HuggingFace spaces.
  • Check out the following page for some examples:

Discord channel for support

  • We have a discord to support authors with adding Gradio demos/models/datasets to SIGGRAPH Asia Organization, join the discord here and then go to #gradio-siggraph-asia-2022 channel under gradio category after accepting the rules and assigning yourself a gradio user role.

Guide on adding Models / Datasets to Hugging Face

If you want to upload not only demos but also models and datasets, find tutorial on getting started with repos on Hugging Face here and to get started with adding models here / datasets here.


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