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Nephos Model

Discover an highly roman / greek architectural influenced model with cosmic and deep space accents.

Trained with vae and runaway 1.5 base

All of the following generations are prompted according the to scene

Otherworldly interiors

"Tiny cute living room, soft light, soft lighting, soft colours, matte painting, trending on artstation extremely cute, washed out palette, soft reflections. extremely soft colors. areas seen, cosmic accent, clouds floating"


Reshaped architecture

Severe retro feels (need prompting ofc)

Clouds & gases accents are parts of the model, if you want to explore the sub styles add "clouds" as negative prompt

Style accents (all intended)

A lot of unreal situation for everything related to architecture

  • Centered minimal objects
  • Soft surfaces
  • Spheres may appear, came from Eternos genesis outputs which inherits from the main prompt base of the two models
  • Houses interior and exteriors may have a roman greek ancient architecture feel
  • Statue like eyes may appears on portraits at low scale
  • Grounds / floor may have surrealistics clouds with subtles cosmic apparitions
  • Grass may be flat
  • Cosmic pools in front of houses
  • Jules Caesar head may appears on wall interior
  • Strict version : everything above is more proiminent, less perspective angles on subjets (more flat & smooth)

Enhancers Tokens

Atmospheres artists : Atmosphere by "Cameron gray / Ivan Aïvazovski"

Structures : "Gigantic" building / statue / planet / temple

Era : something in "roman greek influences"


kofi - promptbase

On promptbase, the root of my both models Eternos and Nephos are built on the "Surrealisms" one :)


romerorz.art - Twitter - DeviantArt

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