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Positive Perspectives with Text Reframing

Based on the paper Inducing Positive Perspectives with Text Reframing, this model focuses on the positive reframing task. The purpose of the model is to neutralize a negative point of view and generate a more positive perspective without changing the original meaning.

The model provided is obtained from this HuggingFace Space and stored in a separate repository to increase ease of use. All credits go to the original contributors of the abovementioned HuggingFace Space.

Available strategies for positive reframing:

growth: viewing a challenging event as an opportunity for the author to specifically grow or improve himself.

impermanence: Saying that bad things don't last forever, will get better soon, and/or that other people have had similar difficulties.

neutralizing: Replacing a negative word with a neutral word. For example, “This was a terrible day” becomes “This was a long day”.

optimism: Focusing on things about the situation itself, at that moment, that are good (not just predicting a better future).

self_affirmation: Talking about what strengths the author already has, or values he admires, such as love, courage, perseverance, etc.

thankfulness: Expressing gratitude or gratitude with keywords like appreciate, happy for it, grateful for, good thing, etc.

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