Model results are amazing

by Andyrasika - opened

Hey Raj, can you please share the code you used to create the model?.
I am getting the following warning:
"Your max_length is set to 512, but you input_length is only 309. You might consider decreasing max_length manually", there are more than 1000 rows so checking if some changes can be made on the backend.

Hello Andy,

So basically the max_length here in the config file refers to the length of the generated title (which during training was set to 64). So if you have manually changed this to 512 , you are getting this warning since your input text is of length 309 which is shorter than the max_length. However because during training most titles were constrained to lengths below 64, setting this max_length feature will not affect the title length drastically and titles should still be below 64 tokens in length. Note that this is different from the max_position_embeddings=512 which means that your input to the title generator must be at most 512 words (since it can only encode positional information for up to 512 tokens).

As for the code, I will try searching for it (must be on my old laptop somewhere). Hope you like the model!


Hey Raj,
Thanks for sharing the info, if I do not set max_length=512 I get an error "index out of range". Thanks Again for your response and will looking forward to your code.

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