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Raemu XL

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Raemu XL is a merged model that focused in 2.5D Anime

Model Details

Recommended settings

To guide the model towards generating high-aesthetic images, use negative prompts like:

(worst quality, low quality, very displeasing, lowres), (interlocked fingers, badly drawn hands and fingers, anatomically incorrect hands), blurry, watermark,

For higher quality outcomes, prepend prompts with:

(masterpiece, best quality, very aesthetic, ultra detailed), intricate details,

Multi Aspect Resolution

This model supports generating images at the following dimensions:

Dimensions Aspect Ratio
1024 x 1024 1:1 Square
1152 x 896 9:7
896 x 1152 7:9
1216 x 832 19:13
832 x 1216 13:19
1344 x 768 7:4 Horizontal
768 x 1344 4:7 Vertical
1536 x 640 12:5 Horizontal
640 x 1536 5:12 Vertical

Hires.fix Setting

  • Upscaler : 4x_NMKD-YandereNeoXL
  • Hires step : 10-20
  • Denoising : 0.1-0.4 or 0.55 for latent upscaler

Lightning Settings

  • Sampler : Euler a
  • Sampling steps : 8-10
  • CFG: 2-2.5
  • Hires step : 4-6
  • Denoising : 0.1-0.3

Merge parameters

  1. Animagine XL 3.1 merged to RealCartoonXL V6 to get 2.5D body using MBW (0.0,1.0,0.8,0.5,0.25,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.3,0.5,0.71,1.0,0.56,0.71,1.0,0.83,0.1,0)
  2. (1) merged with Blue Pencil XL v3.1.0 to get final touch with anime using MBW (0.0,0.11,0.22,0.33,0.44,0.55,0.44,0.33,0.22,0.11,0.0,0.11,0.22,0.33,0.44,0.55,0.44,0.33,0.22,0.11,0)
  3. RaemuXLv3

Lightning Parameter

  1. RaemuXLv3 merged to lora Lightning 4 step with ratio 0.8
  2. (1) Finetuning with 860 High Quality Images
  3. RaemuXLv3.5_Lightning


Raemu XL now uses the Fair AI Public License 1.0-SD inherited from Animagine XL 3.0, compatible with Stable Diffusion models. Key points:

  1. Modification Sharing: If you modify RaemuXL, you must share both your changes and the original license.
  2. Source Code Accessibility: If your modified version is network-accessible, provide a way (like a download link) for others to get the source code. This applies to derived models too.
  3. Distribution Terms: Any distribution must be under this license or another with similar rules.
  4. Compliance: Non-compliance must be fixed within 30 days to avoid license termination, emphasizing transparency and adherence to open-source values.

The choice of this license aims to keep Raemu XL open and modifiable, aligning with open source community spirit. It protects contributors and users, encouraging a collaborative, ethical open-source community. This ensures the model not only benefits from communal input but also respects open-source development freedoms.

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