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Stable Diffusion model to create images in Synthwave/outrun style, trained using DreamBooth

Trigger phrase: snthwve style

More models on my site: https://publicprompts.art/

Example of generated images:


03879-1117761146-wireframe neon lines, (dark colors_1.2) with (lines polygonal mountain_1.2) in background, (saturn with ring behind the mountain.png

03869-1117761147-(neon circle floating_1.2) (with palm tree inside it_1.1), above ocean, neon lights, snthwve style wallpaper.png

03883-1117761146-(retro volkswagen van_1.1) (attached to hot air balloon_1.2), (dark colors_1.2), snthwve style wallpaper.png

03920-1416411362-table with (cassette tape_1.3) with (sunglasses_1.3) on it, (dark colors_1.2), snthwve style wallpaper.png

03759-3657120621-(tank) driving down the street to the sunset, outrun, snthwve style wallpaper.png

03777-595590863-man sitting on motorcycle, (facing the camera_1.2), (looking at camera_1.1), neon lines, snthwve style, HD wallpaper.png

03833-1888988531-wireframe looking neon lines (island_1.1), with palm trees, snthwve style wallpaper.png

03861-546767784-Tiny cute isometric motorcycle, soft smooth lighting, with soft colors, 100mm lens, 3d blender render, trending on polycount, mo.png

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