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This is my first experiment with fine-tuning stable diffusion. I named it Flexible-Diffusion, since unlike the heavily fine-tuned models out there for specific styles, this one is very broad and can almost be used in place of SD 1.5, seeds usually give similar results, but with better aesthetics, general coherence, and center subject placement.

It can be used with regular 1.5 prompts, AND also works great with Danbooru tags!

Some example comparisons between SD 1.5 and Flexible diffusion:

xy_grid-0059-2012044685-an elephant playing chess, coffee cafe background, steampunk.png

xy_grid-0051-2363186298-1boy 1girl animal_ears black_coat black_jacket blue_eyes blue_nails blush brown_hair coat facing_viewer from_behind frown hood h.png

xy_grid-0052-2530636876-truck, sunlight, in the desert, unreal engine render.png

xy_grid-0053-2530636876-photograph of a beautiful young retropunk female as Ma.K Maschinen Krieger fighter, Mila Azul mix with Ana de Armas, pretty, cut.png

xy_grid-0054-2590138886-a cinematic wide shot in a wes anderson film of a cyborg robot looking like a mechanical version of a marbled all white wes ande.png

xy_grid-0055-2238574946-tiny cute adorable fluffy baby raccoon with knitted blue scarf leaning at a table in a medieval pub holding a coffee cup, anthro.png

xy_grid-0057-1500856845-Lovely Modern Wooden Tiny House Architectural Design, Isometric Diorama, Environment, Concept design, intricate detail, cinemati.png

xy_grid-0058-2933611940-2girls, models wearing Harajuku fashion, unreal engine 5, hyper realistic, very detailed.png

xy_grid-0064-3221689949-Fashion photography of a anthropomorphic giraffe dressed in large hiphop clothes from 1980s , wearing sneakers , Sony Alpha α7,.png

xy_grid-0065-253084359-modern art, portrait of a black woman, geometric cubism, vivid, hyper details, high resolution, 8K, octane render, unreal engine.png

xy_grid-0068-1972580752-Ariel, little mermaid portrait, beautiful white girl face, flowy red hair, underwater, art nouveau, background by stanley artger.png

xy_grid-0069-2897448669-cutecore, (cute mouse_1.1) driving a pumpkin car , wee forest folk, jean baptiste monge, looks enjoy, in the style of pixar, dis.png

xy_grid-0075-515513986-a food truck with a hamburger on top of it and a tree next to it, a 3D render by Beeple, trending on cgsociety, pop surrealism,.png

xy_grid-0081-3328287316-superman funko pop.png

xy_grid-0083-1310480172-50mm photography, a tedy bear,( wearing a trench coat_1.1), color photography, f_4, flash photo.png

xy_grid-0085-411538555-Pixar-style image of the joker as a cute and adorable kid, smiling at the camera, dressed pant suit, oversized head - pixar styl.png

xy_grid-0087-2828133374-(Tiny cute mouse_1.1) on a little boat on the river, dynamic colors, octane rendering, ultra detail, intricate details, volumetr.png

xy_grid-0094-1743507037-cute mouse knight, portrait, finely detailed armor, intricate design, gold, silk, cinematic lighting, 4k,.png

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