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Basic Information

This is the Dr. Decr model used in XOR-TyDi leaderboard task 1 whitebox submission.


The detailed implementation of the model can be found in:


Source code to train the model can be found via PrimeQA's IR component: https://github.com/primeqa/primeqa/tree/main/examples/drdecr

It is a Neural IR model built on top of the ColBERTv1 api and not directly compatible with Huggingface API. The inference result on XOR Dev dataset is:

    R@2kt	R@5kt
te	66.67	70.88
bn	70.23	75.08
fi	82.24	86.18
ja	65.92	72.93
ko	67.93	71.73
ru	63.07	69.71
ar	78.15	82.77
Avg	70.60	75.61

Limitations and Bias

This model used pre-trained XLM-R base model and fine tuned on 7 languages in XOR-TyDi leaderboard. The performance of other languages was not tested.

Since the model was fine-tuned on a large pre-trained language model XLM-Roberta, biases associated with the pre-existing XLM-Roberta model may be present in our fine-tuned model, Dr. Decr


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