Swizz8-XART (SD 1.5) = high quality, prompt-friendly, semirealistic 2.5D fantasy, digital art checkpoint merge. Only for Prompt Engineers (Inpainting, ControlNet, Upscale). The Golden CFG is exactly 5.5; with this value you will produce perfect lines (less Spaghetti), patterns, circles, quadratic cubes and other geometry. Lives only in the ComfyUI / A1111 CFG parameter world of 5.5 - maximum 7 otherwise you will see maybe artifacts. It is a priori: cinematic, rich in contrast and variety, colorful and includes excellent eyes, lips, hands, human skin.

Block Merge Technology = Re-Basin ++ Cosine Alpha, Cosine Beta interpolation method in Similarity-AddDifference merge mode. ++ Weights CLIP ++ Baked in VAE ++ Pruned ++ FP16 (floating point) 16-Bit precision.

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--- License ---

1 Selling generated AI art? Allowed 2 Merge this model and share? Allowed 3 Not crediting the model creator? Allowed

4 Run on commercial AI service? Allowed 5 Have different permissions when sharing merges? Allowed

6 Creating friendly legal photorealistic images of artificial minors? Allowed (The internal structure cannot create an image of a child that actually exists. It is 100 % artificial. Personal rights to the image cannot be violated.)

7 Creating illegal photorealistic images of child pornography? Not Allowed

7 Erstellen illegaler fotorealistischer Bilder von Kinderpornografie? Nicht erlaubt.

7 Créer des images photoréalistes illégales de pédopornographie ? Interdit

7 製作非法逼真的兒童色情影像?不允許

7 إنشاء صور واقعية غير قانونية للمواد الإباحية المتعلقة بالأطفال؟ غير مسموح

Open Source low CFG checkpoint merge Swizz8-XART with high-end results. It is SFW and does not show (illegal) pornography but sometimes normal nudity. To avoid nudity just put these two terms in negative prompt: nude, nudity. Age Restriction: 13 years. Swizz8 supports 745 million europeans therefore the "human DNA" (generated output) should be Europe ethnicity. Switzerland's world-famous neutrality and true idyllic landscape harmony is its political spirit. Please visit Basel and Art Basel

Example images (all made with FreeU + ComfyUI):


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