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This is a repository for all the episodes of Pokemon Horizons: The Series.

All versions of the episodes will be uploaded, including YouTube uploads, fanmade English subs, and Official English Dubs

YouTube episodes are pulled from https://youtube.com/@PokemonCoJp as soon as the episode releases. English rips are pulled from https://www.4shared.com/folder/EOKP4ddl/Subbed.html when it is provided on the website. Dubs are pulled from CBBC at https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episodes/p0grjk93/pokemon-horizons-the-series via the various episode links.

You can also view these episodes on either of these websites: https://archive.org/details/PokemonHorizonsJP, https://archive.org/details/PokemonHorizonsEN_BBC, https://pokermmon.github.io

Episode Names for EN (keywords)

  • the pendant that starts it all
  • for sure cause sprigatitos with me
  • the treasure after the storm
  • found you fuecoco
  • the ancient poke ball
  • special training with cap
  • the door that never opens
  • welcome to paldea
  • nemona and brassius and
  • arbolivias forest
  • the future i choose
  • an unexpected picnic
  • fly wattrel
  • someone we cant see whosawhatsit
  • quaxly we can do it
  • special training time
  • flying pikachu rising higher and higher
  • the bittersweet truth
  • kabus battle training
  • the lonely hattena
  • clash galar mine
  • fiery galarian moltres
  • rivals in the dark of night
  • terapagos s adventure
  • as long as im with my friends
  • the stolen treasure
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