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This is a multipurpose chat / chat instruct hybrid model in the same vein as the Pygmalion team's Metharme. It uses a curated pile of training data that has been normalized into a consistent training format. It has been trained on a wide array of one shot instructions, multi round instructions, and role playing scenarios.

Prompt format:


The prompt should start with the cursor on the same line directly after "<|model|>" with no space. The following are all valid formats and can be extended to as many rounds as desired.

<|system|>system message here<|user|>user message here<|model|>
<|system|>system message here<|user|>user message here<|model|>model message<|user|>user message here<|model|>
<|system|>system message here<|model|>
<|system|>system message here<|model|>model message<|user|>user message here<|model|>

Some example prompts:

<|system|>The following is a transcript between a helpful assistant and a user.<|user|>Why is the sky blue?<|model|>
<|system|>You are a Virtual Story Generator. You take the user's input and create an excellent and captivating story that goes in that direction. Use an abundance of sensory descriptions and eloquent prose.<|user|>Alpha Centauri has fallen, to the bears. This is a point of view tale about a soldier on the ground.<|model|>
<|system|>You are a professional editor with decades of experience, help the user with any task they have for you.<|user|>Can you rewrite this to flow better? "I knew I probably shouldnt have done that but oh well"<|model|>

More will be added at a later date.

Perplexity Benchmarks:

  • TBA

Training information:

Built with Axolotl

  • GPTQ 4 bit LoRA
  • 7 Epochs
  • 64 / 32 R / A
  • 2048 Cutoff
  • 18 hours on 4x RTX 4090s

Data used in training:

  • TBA

Models used:

For training: https://huggingface.co/PocketDoc/llama-13b-gptq-4bit-128g

For merging:





It has not been aligned and no warranty is given for the quality or safety of its outputs.

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