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Thank you for viewing my first model! This is a TTS (GPT-soVITS) and RVC train of one of my favorite video game characters, NORA, from Atomic Heart.

Important Note

  • None of the audio, content, or software used to train this model is my property. I do not own the rights to the original voice lines used to train NORA-TTS. All vocal file rights belong to Mundfish and their respective publishers and distributers.

Model Details

  • Developed by: otisai
  • Model Type: Audio Transformer | RVC
  • Model Description: NORA, inspired by NORA from Atomic Heart, is my first iteration of my incoming series of RVC and TTS models.
  • License: OpenRAIL

Training Config - TTS

NORA was trained in ~14 minutes on a single NVIDIA H200 with 20 epochs on each weight (40 total) and a batch size of 4.

Configuration Item NORA-TTS
Dataset 25 Minutes of Audio
Total Epochs 40
SoVITS Epochs 20
GPT Epochs 20
Learning Rate 0.4
Batch Size 4

Training Config - RVC

NORA was trained in a 1.5-hour period on a single NVIDIA H200 at 1000 total epochs with a batch size of 8.

Configuration Item NORA
Dataset 25 Minutes of Audio
Total Epochs 1000
Batch Size 8


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