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This model is a distilled version of the wav2vec2 model (https://arxiv.org/pdf/2006.11477.pdf). This model is 45% times smaller and twice as fast as the original wav2vec2 base model.

Evaluation results

This model achieves the following results (speed is mesured for a batch size of 64):

Model Size WER Librispeech-test-clean WER Librispeech-test-other Speed on cpu speed on gpu
Distil-wav2vec2 197.9 Mb 0.0983 0.2266 0.4006s 0.0046s
wav2vec2-base 360 Mb 0.0389 0.1047 0.4919s 0.0082s


notebook (executes seamlessly on google colab) at https://github.com/OthmaneJ/distil-wav2vec2

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