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Dear music lovers 🕺,

MusicLang Space is now live: musiclang/README

MusicLang is a controllable model for music generation:

> 🦙 Discover the LLAMA2 architecture, trained from scratch for symbolic music generation, ensuring exceptional quality;
> 👨‍🎨 Unleash your creativity by extending an existing music, or create new ones from scratch;
> 🤖 Integrate MusicLang into your applications, with an inference optimized for CPUs written in C, other integrations and optimizations coming soon.

In the space, you’ll find :

1️⃣ MusicLang foundation model: our fondation model for creating and generating original midi soundtracks musiclang/musiclang-v2;

2️⃣ MusicLang predict: our AI prediction api of the MusicLang package;

3️⃣ MusicLang Language:a new language for tonal music. This language allows composers to load, write, transform and predict symbolic music in a simple, condensed and high level manner;

4️⃣ MusicLang Demo Space: musiclang/musiclang-predict

5️⃣ Our Colab:

Help us share the future of music composition! Spread the word, show your support by adding a star or contribute to our project. ⭐️✨

Music Sounds Definitely Better with You 🎶 🖤

cc @floriangardin @MehdiLeZ @reach-vb

Thanks a lot,

The MusicLang team ❤️


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