how to make such model help

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I am trying to make my own model inspire by you but don't know how I can achieve goal can you direct me.

Ditto, need to create models for specific characters I am creating. I can create models but not as clean as this... =]

you shouldn't create a ckpt model, but a lora or ti embedding

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Yes forgot to include I am training lora.
Can you share your workflow? Id pay for a simple gumroad tut where you show best practice.
I know how to do it but doing it well is not easy. =]

nothing special. You need to develop a feel for good data. Try a lot, make mistakes.

How large are the sets you use? Is there such thing as too much data?
I will be creating the images in SD so variation could be endless. Limited only by my time to make them high quality enough.

Do you have a preference on character composition (full body, cropped, close up) or do you try to keep it balanced throughout the set?
So many questions.
Nothing special he tells us... =]

Thank you =]


generating images for the training set is almost never a good idea.

Because of quality?

The point is to create a very specific character model to reduce animation morphing. IE a specific character always wearing the same cloths.

Its a work in progress...

first of all because you're teaching model B what model A already knows, so what's the point. The only exception would be generating on 2.1 to teach on 1.5.

Regarding your other questions, numbers change depending on the dataset quality and variance and also on the result you need to achieve. As I said: try to develop a feel for that

Correct however I want model B to b a subset of Model A. Model A has great results but they change too much.

So when I ask model B for that character X he will always be wearing blue jeans, a white shirt and sandals.

That's the idea any how... =\

Thank you again for the pointers.

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