What happened #5

by starwarrior - opened

I want to continue using anything v3 but today i found out it's gone? I used to use the diffusion branch of this repo but when I came to this repo today (with the README empty and only a couple commits) , I'm not getting the same results from the main branch of this repo. Can anyone explain to me what happened and if there's a way to get back the old anything v3 (like the one a week back)

files are already there @starwarrior

yeah but why doesn't it work like it did?

yeah but why doesn't it work like it did?

what is not working? i tested and it works

Hello @starwarrior ,

Other versions of the model were preserved on this older commit of the Anything-Preservation repo, https://huggingface.co/AdamOswald1/Anything-Preservation/tree/acc67d36406e41252aa936c43248c4ad988db33f.

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