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Quant-Requests are open.
I apologize for disrupting your experience.
If you want and you are able to...
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Eventually I want to have a proper infrastructure for these.
In the meantime I'll be working to make do with the resources at hand at the time.

Welcome to my GGUF-IQ-Imatrix Model Quantization Requests card!

Please read everything.

This card is meant only to request GGUF-IQ-Imatrix quants for models that meet the requirements bellow.

Requirements to request GGUF-Imatrix model quantizations:

For the model:

  • Maximum model parameter size of 11B.
    At the moment I am unable to accept requests for larger models due to hardware/time limitations.
    Preferably for Mistral and LLama-3 based models in the creative/roleplay niche.
    If you need a bigger model, you can try requesting at mradermacher's. Pretty awesome.


  • Fill the request template as outlined in the next section.

How to request a model quantization:

  1. Open a New Discussion titled "Request: Model-Author/Model-Name", for example, "Request: Nitral-AI/Infinitely-Laydiculous-7B", without the quotation marks.

  2. Include the following template in your post and fill the required information (example request here):

**[Required] Model name:**

**[Required] Model link:**

**[Required] Brief description:**

**[Required] An image/direct image link to represent the model (square shaped):**

**[Optional] Additonal quants (if you want any):**

<!-- Keep in mind that anything bellow I/Q3 isn't recommended,   -->
<!-- since for these smaller models the results will likely be   -->
<!-- highly incoherent rendering them unusable for your needs.   -->

Default list of quants for reference:

        "IQ3_M", "IQ3_XXS",
        "Q4_K_M", "Q4_K_S", "IQ4_XS",
        "Q5_K_M", "Q5_K_S",
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