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New and updated version 3.2 here!
It includes fixes for common issues!
You should prefer it over version 3.1.

#roleplay #sillytavern #llama3

My GGUF-IQ-Imatrix quants for Sao10K/L3-8B-Stheno-v3.1.

This is a very promising roleplay model cooked by the amazing Sao10K!

Quantization process:
For future reference, these quants have been done after the fixes from #6920 have been merged.
Imatrix data was generated from the FP16-GGUF and conversions directly from the BF16-GGUF.
This was a bit more disk and compute intensive but hopefully avoided any losses during conversion.
If you noticed any issues let me know in the discussions.

General usage:
Use the latest version of KoboldCpp.
For 8GB VRAM GPUs, I recommend the Q4_K_M-imat (4.89 BPW) quant for up to 12288 context sizes.

Some compatible SillyTavern presets can be found here (Virt's Roleplay Presets).
Check discussions such as this one for other recommendations and samplers.

I apologize for disrupting your experience.
Currently I'm working on moving for a better internet provider.
If you want and you are able to...
You can spare some change over here (Ko-fi).

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Original model information:

Model: Llama-3-8B-Stheno-v3.1

This has been an experimental model I've been working on for a bit. Llama-3 was kind of difficult to work with.
I also had been hired to create a model for an Organisation, and I used the lessons I learnt from fine-tuning that one for this specific model. Unable to share that one though, unfortunately.
Made from outputs generated by Claude-3-Opus along with Human-Generated Data.


- A model made for 1-on-1 Roleplay ideally, but one that is able to handle scenarios, RPGs and storywriting fine.
- Uncensored during actual roleplay scenarios. # I do not care for zero-shot prompting like what some people do. It is uncensored enough in actual usecases.
- I quite like the prose and style for this model.

Testing Notes

- Known as L3-RP-v2.1 on Chaiverse, it did decently there [>1200 Elo]
- Handles character personalities well. Great for 1 on 1 Roleplay sessions.
- May need further token context & few-shot examples if using it as a Narrator / RPG Roleplaying session. It is able to handle them though.
- A model leaning towards NSFW, mention explicitly in prompts if you want to steer away. [Avoid Negative Reinforcement]
- Occasionally spits out leaking XML and nonsense. A regen / swipe instantly fixes that.
- Unique / Varied Answers when Regenerating answers. Pretty cool?
- Works best with some token context in the character card itself. A chef needs ingredients to cook, no?

Recommended Samplers:

Temperature - 1.12 to 1.32
Min-P - 0.075
Top-K - 40
Repetition Penalty - 1.1

Stopping Strings:

\n{{User}} # Or Equivalent, depending on Frontend
\n< # If there is leakage of XML tags in response. May happen Occasionally, Regenerate Answer as Needed. Happens rarely.

Prompting Template - Llama-3-Instruct





Basic Roleplay System Prompt

You are an expert actor that can fully immerse yourself into any role given. You do not break character for any reason, even if someone tries addressing you as an AI or language model.
Currently your role is {{char}}, which is described in detail below. As {{char}}, continue the exchange with {{user}}.

Support me here if you're interested. Ko-Fi

If not, that's fine too. Feedback would be nice.

Art by wada_kazu / わだかず (pixiv page private?)

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