Error in langchain

by hubsnippetai - opened

hello all,

when invoking the dynamic_tinybert model in the HuggingFaceEndpoint/HuggingFaceHub class in langchain for a translation/Q&A task, one persistent error was as below:

Bad request:
Error in inputs: value is not a valid dict

even when passing the input in the prompt as a dict value type, the error was the same.

The HuggingFaceEndpoint/HuggingFaceHub class was used for the langchain example but the repo_id, which was previously google/flan-t5-x1 was replace with Intel/dynamic_tinybert

what is the ideal input format for the model, when using langchain?


eventually I found that the mistralai/Mistral-7B-Instruct-v0.2 model could take a string as a valid input prompt that returns a response but the question remains whether the Intel/dynamic_tinybert model is not suitable to use in the huggingfacehub

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