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#Slovak RoBERTA Masked Language Model

###83Mil Parameters in small model

Medium and Large models coming soon!

RoBERTA pretrained tokenizer vocab and merges included.

##Training params:

  • Dataset: 8GB Slovak Monolingual dataset including ParaCrawl (monolingual), OSCAR, and several gigs of my own findings and cleaning.
  • Preprocessing: Tokenized with a pretrained ByteLevelBPETokenizer trained on the same dataset. Uncased, with s, pad, /s, unk, and mask special tokens.
  • Evaluation results:
    • Mnoho ľudí tu
    • Ako sa
    • Plážová sezóna pod Zoborom patrí medzi
  • Limitations: The current model is fairly small, although it works very well. This model is meant to be finetuned on downstream tasks e.g. Part-of-Speech tagging, Question Answering, anything in GLUE or SUPERGLUE.
  • Credit: If you use this or any of my models in research or professional work, please credit me - Christopher Brousseau in said work.
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