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Exl2 version of NeverSleep/Noromaid-v0.4-Mixtral-Instruct-8x7b-Zloss


3.5bh8 : 3.5bpw h8

Using ThePile 0007.parquet as dataset

Quantization settings : python convert.py -i models/NeverSleep_Noromaid-v0.4-Mixtral-Instruct-8x7b-Zloss -o Noromaid-v0.4-Mixtral-Instruct-8x7b-Zloss-temp4 -cf Noromaid-v0.4-Mixtral-Instruct-8x7b-Zloss-3.5bpw-h8-exl2 -c 0007.parquet -l 8192 -b 3.5 -hb 8 -ml 8192

below this line is original readme



This model is experimental, do not expect everything to work.

This model uses the Chatml prompting format

Beeg noromaid on steroids. Suitable for RP, ERP.

This model was trained on the Zloss fork of Charles, and should fix issue the model had.

Use Chatml prompt format, but not the special token.

The reason is that Axolotl merge the finetune with the base model at 1.0 weight basically, but this is too much, so I use another script available HERE to merge with less weight, sadly, it don't take the special Chatml token. It's like Orca2 for the matter.


  • Undi
  • IkariDev


This repo contains FP16 files of Noromaid-v0.4-Mixtral-Instruct-8x7b-Zloss.

FP16 - by IkariDev and Undi

GGUF - by IkariDev and Undi


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Prompt format: Chatml


Datasets used:


Undi: If you want to support me, you can here.

IkariDev: Visit my retro/neocities style website please kek

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