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This collection includes language models trained on hierarchies using hyperbolic losses. The resulting HiT models yield entity embeddings that are hierarchically organised in hyperbolic space.

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Hierarchy Transformers (HiTs) are capable of interpreting and encoding hierarchies explicitly.

The relevant code in HierarchyTransformers extends from Sentence-Transformers.

Get Started

Install hierarchy_tranformers (check our repository) through pip or GitHub.

Use the following code to get started with HiTs:

from hierarchy_transformers import HierarchyTransformer
from hierarchy_transformers.utils import get_torch_device

# set up the device (use cpu if no gpu found)
gpu_id = 0
device = get_torch_device(gpu_id)

# load the model
model = HierarchyTransformer.load_pretrained('Hierarchy-Transformers/HiT-MiniLM-L12-WordNet', device)

# entity names to be encoded.
entity_names = ["computer", "personal computer", "fruit", "berry"]

# get the entity embeddings
entity_embeddings = model.encode(entity_names)


See available HiT models under this organisation.


The datasets for training and evaluating HiTs are available at Zenodo.


Preprint on arxiv: https://arxiv.org/abs/2401.11374.

Yuan He, Zhangdie Yuan, Jiaoyan Chen, Ian Horrocks. Language Models as Hierarchy Encoders. arXiv preprint arXiv:2401.11374 (2024).

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