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『Longan Mix』

"Longan Mix" is a merged mix based on "7th_Layer(https://huggingface.co/syaimu/7th_Layer) ".


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  • The merged model community of Hemlok.


  • This model is designed with "anime-style" and "cute" in mind.
  • Realistic models are less assertive.
  • Sampler: DDIM or DPM++ SDE Karras
  • Steps: 20~
  • Clipskip: 2
  • CFG Scale: 5-12
  • Denoise strength: 0.5-0.7(As you like)
  • Negative prompts are recommended for "7th_Layer".
  • vae: As you wish. (Any etc. If not used, color may become lighter)

◆Colab Note

Open In Colab

  • (I have not checked the operation but it probably works.)


(masterpiece:1.2), (best quality:1.2), (((kawaii))), smile, cowboy shot, (delicate sunlight composition) 8, downtown, 1girl, solo, looking at viewer, full body, (silver long hair), (buzz cut), (shining blue eyes), (beauty detailed eye), 

(masterpiece:1.2), (best quality:1.2), (morning), (school), 1girl, solo, looking at viewer, cowboy shot, (school uniform), smile, black hair, stockings

◆Sampler & CFG Scale

(masterpiece:1.2), (best quality:1.2), kawaii, winter, ((street)), ((building)), (noon), 1girl, solo, looking at viewer, ((maid uniform)), (twintails), long hair, blonde hair, smile, [small breast], shiny skin,


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