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Cabra: A portuguese finetuned instruction Open-LLaMA

LoRA adapter created with the procedures detailed at the GitHub repository: https://github.com/gustrd/cabra .

This training was done at 2 epochs using one A4000 at Paperspace.

The GGML version was created with llama.cpp "convert-lora-to-ggml.py".

This LoRA adapter was created following the procedure

library_name: peft

Training procedure

The following bitsandbytes quantization config was used during training:

  • load_in_8bit: False
  • load_in_4bit: True
  • llm_int8_threshold: 6.0
  • llm_int8_skip_modules: None
  • llm_int8_enable_fp32_cpu_offload: False
  • llm_int8_has_fp16_weight: False
  • bnb_4bit_quant_type: fp4
  • bnb_4bit_use_double_quant: False
  • bnb_4bit_compute_dtype: float32

Framework versions

  • PEFT 0.5.0.dev0
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Adapter for

Dataset used to train Gustrd/open-llama-13b-lora-cabra-adapter