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DistilGPT2 English language model pretrained with the supervision of GPT2 (the smallest version of GPT2) on OpenWebTextCorpus, a reproduction of OpenAI's WebText dataset. The model has 6 layers, 768 dimension and 12 heads, totalizing 82M parameters (compared to 124M parameters for GPT2). On average, DistilGPT2 is two times faster than GPT2.

On the WikiText-103 benchmark, GPT2 reaches a perplexity on the test set of 16.3 compared to 21.1 for DistilGPT2 (after fine-tuning on the train set).

We encourage to check GPT2 to know more about usage, limitations and potential biases.

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Dataset used to train GuillaumeSalouHF/distilgpt2