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∞ Merge of my favorite models at the time

My model journey was fairly simple, I transitioned from nai-anyv3-anyv4-cetus-aom3. This merge encompasses the later stages where I found styles I liked.

And so, I merged cetus into aom3, and then into aom2. I still feel like aom2 has the best hands of the old old models, which is why everyone uses it one way or the other.

It's far from perfect, but I used this model for around 6 months without ever feeling the need to switch to another.

Contrary to some other ai frogs I know, I'm not tired of the "samey" look.

A good image for me does not depend on quirky, or replicating specific artists styles.

Although I find that fun as well as evident in one of my next uploads.

∞ Usage

I use clip skip 2 and DPM++2M Karras, steps 20

But ultimately whatever you want. I've used 7+ negative embeds, but it's all preference. 0 works just as well.

Yoinked links from Amedira:

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∞ Legal deez

You are free to use this model locally but
1. You aren't allowed to redistribute on another platform. (like CivitAI or Tensor.Art)
2. I am not responsible for how this model is used to generate images.
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