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Duskfall's Osenayan Mix

"OH-SEH-NA-YAHN" - An unknown race beyond space and time.

Or just a bunch cat people living in Duskfall's headspace, eitherway we'd find a way of shoving our truths into our AI work anyways.

Osea is a place beyond the stars, and it's likely unknown because well - sadly it's no longer existing if it ever did . If you've visted the Earth & Dusk discord, then you've likely met someone in our system who dares to admit to having this heritage.

Now, being that we are Dissociative Identity Disorder system, there is a debate on wether that this ever did or didn't exist - is it truth or is it fiction, is it truth or is it the disorder?

Meh, whatever we don't care - this is just a freaking merge model XD it's got nothing to do with Osea literally, just thought we'd tip our hats to some of our system truths and make this model more about us LOLOLOL.

Also PSST: This weirdly has a VERY Gender Diverse focus on accident, so we tip our hats and wave our flags - because sadly no it can't do programmer socks, but sure its' gender diverse in other ways!

Also this is the BASE TO EPIC MIX V4 - Vibrancy.

Which you can find MOST Of the links here: https://civitai.com/models/27096/epic-mix-anime-nsfw-support


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To look at them all yourself go here: https://huggingface.co/Duskfallcrew/Osenayan_Mix/tree/main/Previews

The Mix is as Follows:

Recipe Details

DeepBoys 2d

Epic Mix Ultimate Anime (V4)

Duskfall AI https://civitai.com/models/5464/duskfall-ai (2nd ever duskfall trained model)

Sam Does Arts Ultramerge

Ani-meth (hehehehhehehe) - https://rentry.co/ncpt_fav_models

1-5 Stable:

Has both store bought "Evening" gyoza snacks, Mousey Mix, Nyan mix again, Silicon 29, Animated Dreams, Counterfeit, Deepboys - I threw in the old Osenayan mix again to stablize the style. It also includes OG Duskfall models such as Duskfall AI And Duskfall Test, Whitespace Prism, Sukiyaki mix, Whitespace Prism and LIKELY others that i'll be trying to track down and add here. Old versions of EPIC HAVE Holokuki and other models in it, and again to find that recipie you'll have to go to the Epic mix models on Civit or on here.

We'll update the mix as we update and fine tune this merge!


We stream a lot of our testing on twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/duskfallcrew

Any chance you can spare a coffee or three? https://ko-fi.com/DUSKFALLcrew

Request image gens via our pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/70748346

Hang with us on discord: https://discord.gg/Da7s8d3KJ7

As for who's fronting when we made this merge AND who wrote the card: The dumbass himself: Matoya'iivi Na'agora - yep, there's a lycoris made of me, wtf did you think we were doing training those JUST to make people boy thirsty? LOL.

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