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Foto Assisted Diffusion (FAD)_V0

This model is meant to mimic a modern HDR photography style

It was trained on 600 HDR images on SD1.5 and works best at 768x768 resolutions

Merged with one of my own models for illustrations and drawings, to increase flexibility


Example Cards:

Below you will find some example cards that this model is capable of outputting. You can acquire the images used here: HF or Google Drive.

Google Drive gives you them all at once without needing to clone the repo, which is easier.

If you decide to clone it, set GIT_LFS_SKIP_SMUDGE=1 to skip downloading large files

Place them into an EXIF viewer such as the built in "PNG Info" tab in the popular Auto1111 repository to quickly copy the parameters and replicate them!

768x768 Food

768x768 Landscapes

768x768 People

768x768 Random

512x512 Artwork

512x512 Photos

Cloud Support

Sinkin kindly hosted our model. Click here to run it on the cloud!


My motivation for making this model was to have a free, non-restricted model for the community to use and for startups.

I was noticing the models people gravitated towards, were merged models which had prior license requirements from the people who trained them.

This was just a fun project I put together for you guys.

My fun ended when I posted the results :D

Enjoy! Sharing is caring :)

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