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Textual Inversion Embedding by ConflictX For SD 2.x trained on 768x768 images from midjourney.

Install by downloading the step embedding, and put it in the \embeddings folder

Similar to the Egyptian styled one, this one is more focused on cooler environments and viking+cyberpunk themes. Works fine for space environments as well, like Alien.

Use keyword: VikingPunk

00489-1019861829-a female valkerie holding her sword up , impressive, vikingpunk style,  alien isolation,.png

00487-977259581-Thor wielding his hammer , vikingpunk style,  evening, alien isolation,.png

00451-3261411600-daenerys targaryen wearing a dress looking at me, cleavage, neckline , vikingpunk style,  evening, snow,.png

00491-3274811098-a beautiful woman wearing viking jewelry , impressive, vikingpunk style,  alien isolation, detailed skin.png

00456-3045049039-a viking urn on a table , vikingpunk style,  noon, snow,.png

00468-701247556-a cyberpunk police car car in a city at night, vikingpunk style,  evening, snow,.png

00470-145856075-a cybernetic cyborg walking the streets at night, vikingpunk style,  sunrise, snow,.png

00483-737477942-a ((xenomorph)) (alien) crawling in dark sewers, vikingpunk style,  sunrise, alien isolation, hr giger.png

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