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A RoBERTa-base model that is fine-tuned on the The New York Times Annotated Corpus to predict temporal precedence of two events. This is used as the ``temporality prediction'' component in our ROCK framework for reasoning about commonsense causality. See our paper for more details.


You can directly use this model for filling-mask tasks, as shown in the example widget. However, for better temporal inference, it is recommended to symmetrize the outputs as P(E1โ‰บE2)=12(f(E1,E2)+f(E2,E1)) P(E_1 \prec E_2) = \frac{1}{2} (f(E_1,E_2) + f(E_2,E_1)) where f(E_1,E_2) denotes the predicted probability for E_1 to occur preceding E_2. For simplicity, we implement the following TempPredictor class that incorporate this symmetrization automatically. Below is an example usage for the TempPredictor class:

from transformers import (RobertaForMaskedLM, RobertaTokenizer)
from src.temp_predictor import TempPredictor

TORCH_DEV = "cuda:0" # change as needed

tp_roberta_ft = src.TempPredictor(

E1 = "The man turned on the faucet."
E2 = "Water flows out."
t12 = tp_roberta_ft(E1, E2, top_k=5)
print(f"P('{E1}' before '{E2}'): {t12}")

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