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i modelli 'Inizio'

Inizio is the series of custom mixed models. Based on many released open-source models, and support .safetensors format only. WebUI-amicable


This model repository includes 7 models currently:

  1. Inizio Fantasma: Blossom mix+Anything 3.0+SamDoesArtsUltMerge; weighted, M=0.2. Quietly impressive semi-realistic model.
  2. Inizio Inseguitore: ALG+SamDoesArtsUltMerge+Blossom Mix; add difference, M=0.3. Similar to Inizio Fantasma, but anime-style focused.
  3. Inizio Foschia: ALG+Inizio Fantasma+A Certain Model; weighted, M=0.7. Similar to Inizio Inseguitore.
  4. Inizio Replicante: Inizio Foschia+DBmai+Finale 5o; weighted, M=0.5. Well-tuned Semi-Realistic Anime model. The most fashionable.
  5. Inizio Skinjob: Inizio Replicante+Berry Mix+ElyOrange; weighted, M=0.6. Well-tuned Semi-Realistic Anime model.
  6. Inizio Deckard: (Kribo Nstal+Inizio Skinjob; weighted, M=0.5)+Inizio Fantasma+Kribo Nstal; weighted, M=0.5.
  7. Inizio Unico Inizio Fantasma+Inizio Inseguitore+Inizio Foschia+Inizio Replicante+Inizio Skinjob+Inizio Deckard; weighted, M=1/6. The most advanced Inizio model.

Recommend Settings (Especially for Inizio Unico)

  • Variable Automatic Encoder: SD MSE 840k.vae.pt
  • Embedding:bad_prompt_ver2
  • Clip skip: 3
  • Prompt: object-related tag first, quality-related tag later; prompt list
  • Resolution: 1024x576->1366x768 w/ HighRes. Fix
  • HighRes. Fix: Latent or ESRGAN; upscale by 2

Sample Image

โ–ฒ X / Y Plot #1

โ–ฒ X / Y Plot #2

โ–ฒ X / Y Plot #3

โ–ฒ Inizio Skinjob

โ–ฒ Inizio Unico

License Information

This model follows Creative ML Open RAIL-M: Stable Diffusion License But, You may use whatever you want. I don't like to set such restriction.


vitorriofungi@gmail.com or Find Cinnamomo on AI Art Channel

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