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🌟 Model Details

  • Model Name: Ai2Ai_v1
  • Description: A LoRA trained on AI-generated images sourced from Pinterest.
  • Version: v1
  • Release Date: I don't remember.
  • Framework: Kohya Trainer Colab

🌍 Intended Use

This LoRA is designed for generating Pinterest girls(?). Good-ish at facial features and hats(?). it's not optimized for rendering full body and clothing designs.

πŸ“Š Performance

  • Accuracy: High on face and hat generation, lower on body details
  • Precision: High on face and hat generation, lower on body details

⚑ Limitations and Bias

  • Limitations: This LoRA model is relatively small, resulting in the generation of somewhat identical faces.
  • Bias Considerations: Beware of potential artifacts such as "jpeg artifacts," "cheek bulge," and the model's potential to be overly powerful in certain aspects. Put these in negative prompts.

🎯 Training Data

  • Data Sources: Images from Pinterest
  • Data Size: 82 images, approximately 12 MB
  • Data Preprocessing: AI-generated images, tagged with wdtagger


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