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It supports English(En), Chinese(Zh), Spanish(Es), French(Fr), Russian(Ru), Japanese(Ja), Korean(Ko), Arabic(Ar) and Italian(It) languages.

名称 Name 任务 Task 语言 Language(s) 模型 Model Github
AltCLIP-m9 Text-Image Multilingual CLIP FlagAI

简介 Brief Introduction

我们提出了一个简单高效的方法去训练更加优秀的九语CLIP模型。命名为AltCLIP-m9。AltCLIP训练数据来自 WuDao数据集LIAON


模型代码已经在 FlagAI 上开源,权重位于我们搭建的 modelhub 上。我们还提供了微调,推理,验证的脚本,欢迎试用。

We propose a simple and efficient method to train a better multilingua CLIP model. Named AltCLIP-m9. AltCLIP-m9 is trained with training data from WuDao dataset and Liaon.

The AltCLIP-m9 model can provide support for the AltDiffusion-m9 model in this project. Specific information on the AltDiffusion model can be found in this tutorial.

The model code has been open sourced on FlagAI and the weights are located on modelhub. We also provide scripts for fine-tuning, inference, and validation, so feel free to try them out.



If you find this work helpful, please consider to cite

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训练 Training

训练共有两个阶段。 在平行知识蒸馏阶段,我们只是使用平行语料文本来进行蒸馏(平行语料相对于图文对更容易获取且数量更大)。在多语对比学习阶段,我们使用少量的中-英 图像-文本对(每种语言6百万)来训练我们的文本编码器以更好地适应图像编码器。

There are two phases of training. In the parallel knowledge distillation phase, we only use parallel corpus texts for distillation (parallel corpus is easier to obtain and larger in number compared to image text pairs). In the multilingual comparison learning phase, we use a small number of text-image pairs (about 6 million in each language) to train our text encoder to better fit the image encoder.

下游效果 Performance

可视化效果 Visualization effects


Based on AltCLIP, we have also developed the AltDiffusion model, visualized as follows.

模型推理 Inference

Please download the code from FlagAI AltCLIP

from PIL import Image
import requests

# transformers version >= 4.21.0
from modeling_altclip import AltCLIP
from processing_altclip import AltCLIPProcessor

# now our repo's in private, so we need `use_auth_token=True`
model = AltCLIP.from_pretrained("BAAI/AltCLIP-m9")
processor = AltCLIPProcessor.from_pretrained("BAAI/AltCLIP-m9")

url = "http://images.cocodataset.org/val2017/000000039769.jpg"
image = Image.open(requests.get(url, stream=True).raw)

inputs = processor(text=["a photo of a cat", "a photo of a dog"], images=image, return_tensors="pt", padding=True)

outputs = model(**inputs)
logits_per_image = outputs.logits_per_image # this is the image-text similarity score
probs = logits_per_image.softmax(dim=1) # we can take the softmax to get the label probabilities
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